User Agreement/Terms of Use
Effective on February 26, 2019


1. Active membership and the digital space

Responsible usage of the digital space provide many benefits to developing communities. Inappropriate use continue to weaken already fragmented communities by superimposing a digital layer on top generations and decades of cycles of injustice, inequality, and poverty. Communities that have been systematically deprived and victimized for hundreds of years. Communities that continue to struggle with access to healthcare facilities, medical insurance, lack of resources, unemployment, and poor leadership.


2. Guiding young people today

Culture is not being taught and nurtured to the young while they continue to be exposed to everything except their own customs, heritage, and traditions. There are many opportunities to teach culture through apps.


3. The 24 hour daily cycle

The majority of our adult population continue to say that they have "no time" yet modern technology was intended to give them more time to do the important things like repairing and nurturing the community. Or was it? Even young people are saying that they have no time. What happened to the 24 hour daily cycle? Or is it an excuse not to care? Is this the beginning of a new culture? A new practice where members of a community have to be paid to care. A new paradigm! Or is it a personality driven culture? Is the reality of the culture based on personality; arrogance, pride, and superegos? Ingredients of a toxic cocktail mix!


4. What went wrong with social media?

Many are waking up to realize that the intended purpose of social media is to monetize and not to impact communities positively! Many of the tools available on these platforms are designed to boost revenue while the tools that can help with community development are withheld from the public. Where is the balance? Why is poverty rapidly increasing while so many millionaires and billionaires have benefited from the digital space?


5. Cell phones, tablets, and apps

Have you observed the way young people use cell phones, tablets, and apps to communicate and play games, while most adults have no idea what is really going on? How are these apps programmed? Ask yourself a few basic questions. Like can an app be programmed to benefit the community? Who is the creator of the app? What is the purpose of the app? Are there any organizations in your community creating apps? Are the creation of apps part of your child’s school curriculum? What is your government's policy on the internet?


6. Whatever happened to e-commerce?

The buying and selling of goods and services in the digital space. In the Caribbean region for example; there you will find sun, sand, sea, farmers, and hurricanes with a little of everything else in between. Yet quite often farmers with excess produce are not able to sell and gain income. In fact many of the produce go to waste when they are not sold due to lack of facilities to warehouse them.


7. Cocktail and leadership

The weird cocktail mix, belief systems, and dependency on the government to create markets and fix things have been exhausted, debilitated, made obsolete. Natural leaders and entrepreneurs get very little assistance as they pursue their dreams often are confronted with the reality of giving up or perhaps go with the flow rather than starve.


8. Partisan politics

Politicians are too busy thinking about the next election cycle than to do right by the people! Politicians have become celebrities "big name" "big personality" “superstars." The current political problem came through a system that was superimposed on the peoples customs, heritage, and traditions. A weird internetization of the  peoples culture happened overnight while everyone was asleep. Members of a community have become divided, giving strong support to a political party over the opponent with very little compromise.


9. Yuwiselink services

At Yuwiselink we have great tools to assist in the rebuilding and strengthening process. Here you can say something to the general public and everyone will be exposed to it, everyone will be informed. The public can interact with you. You do not need to be on 75 social media platforms or have 20,000 fake friends to get your message across or be noticed.


10. Right to privacy

If you wish to be private and interact with friends and family simply go to your profile to edit your privacy settings. You are not pressured to comment, make announcements, or promote anything. It is okay to minimize communication between friends and family. Yuwiselink is not about huge inflated numbers but quality. Being present and sharing this organization with friends and family is appreciated. Get the word out. Let them know that Yuwiselink is positioned in the digital space and have great tools to assist communities. Know that you are highly appreciated! In fact when we study history you have always been a powerful force making changes and getting things done.


11. Lessons from the past

History has proven that it only takes a few and not the vast majority to change the world. Have you taken the time to think of the web that is being woven for the young and unborn? The difficult journey ahead of them to navigate a world without guidance to customs, heritage, and traditions. Reminded, as highlighted above “no time.”


12. Priorities and time

If you think its worth your time then we would love to have you as part of Yuwiselink's digital community. It only takes one candle to light up a village on a dark night. This candle may be seen from miles away, providing guidance to the young and old.


13. Using this website

Go to the menu bar. Click on Using This Website. Learn how to add blogs and videos. Learn how to add photos and how to comment. Learn how to use the tools to promote something or yourself. Learn how to make your profile page beautiful and functional. Start a group and use the tools to have discussions. Plan events and maybe one day organize a successful family or class reunion.


14. Termination

You may terminate or delete your account without notice. If you are not active for a period of 60 days your account will be terminated. If there is an issue that may prevent you from accessing your account simply contact us by email to prevent termination.


15. Login or register

If you agree with the terms of use login or register.