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When adding Activity on Link including Comments,

Blogs, Videos, or Photos, always return to the Home page. 

The Home page can be viewed Publicly without signing in.

You have the ability to Remove your Recent Activity

from the Home page, by clicking the X.

Example. After uploading Photos for Friends Only,

return to the Home page and click the X.



1. Click Add Photos (pictures).

  • (Choose File) Select your Photo.

  • A picture is a file. Generally ends in jpg.

  • The picture is now on the website from your computer or phone.

2. Name the Collection. Example Ice Cream.

  • The Collection should be made Public or for Friends Only (private)
  • For easy use 
  • Place your Public photos in a collection that is made Public
  • Place your Private photos in a collection that is made for Friends Only (private)
  • For each photo you decide if its Public or for Friends Only (private)

3. Caption: A title or brief explanation.

  • Example Big & Tall Cone (Capital letters)

4. tags: keywords (no need to capitalize)

  • tag the picture, example; food, chocolate, vanilla, yogurt, sorbet, dessert (small letters)

5. Share the picture with the public or friends only

6. Save: To save photo

  • Now you can add hundreds on photos to your collection

  • Easy to edit.

  • Easy to create more collections!



  • Be aware that popular sites like YouTube may make changes from time to time for their own interest. How to embed a video. And how to embed a video without it taking related videos.

  • Please note our standard size is width "768" by height "432" . Please use in the Video page only.

Adding Videos by Embedding

  • Click SHARE (under a video on YouTube)

  • Click Embed

  • Top section show the iframe.

  • Bottom section shows EMBED OPTIONS.

  • 4 boxes. 4 options are given.

  • Uncheck the first box; show suggested videos when the video finishes

  • Check; Show player controls

  • Check; Show video title and player actions

  • Uncheck; Enable privacy-enhance mode

  • Highlight; copy the iframe (Top section)

  • Example;(iframe allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560")

  • Click Add a Video in Link

6 Options Open Up

1. Copy and Paste your video embed code; This is where you paste the code.

  • Change these numbers "560" height=“315" to "768" height=“432"

2. Select a Category; Click Basics or Sight & Sound

  • Example News under Sight & Sound

3. What would you like to set as this video's title?

  • Copy and Paste the Title found under the video on YouTube

  • Example; Hip-Hop Artist Kendrick Lamar Makes History by Winning Pulitzer Prize

4. Enter a brief description:

  • Copy and paste the description found under the video on Youtube


  • Example; - On Monday, rapper Kendrick Lamar became the first non-classical or jazz musician to ever win a Pulitzer Prize for Music. Lamar has topped the charts with music that tackles issues of race, politics, religion and even mental health. The Pulitzer follows the five Grammy Awards won by Lamar in January for ”DAMN.,” his fourth studio album. His previous album, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” also won five Grammys. Lamar recently produced and curated the soundtrack for the “Black Panther” film to critical acclaim. We speak to a high school teacher in New Jersey who uses Lamar’s recordings in his classroom.

5. Your video search tags:

  • tags: keywords (no need to capitalize)

  • democracynow, kendrick lamar, pulitzer prize, black panther, music, rap, hip hop, grammy, race, politics, religion, health, butterfly

6. Submit


  • Click in the white box.

  • 8 boxes are there with Icons.

  • Box 4 has the Link, Image, Embed, Flash, and Smiley Icons.

  • Click the Embed icon

  • Copy a code from another/associated video.

  • Example;(iframe allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560")

  • See instructions from above

  • First box: Paste the code

  • "560" height=“315" Do not change

  • No need to change from smaller to larger video frame

  • Uncheck show suggested videos at the video’s end

  • Click OK

  • Click Add Your Comments

  • Use the other icons to add more comments

  • Share your Video, Vlogs, Blags with friends and family


 "768" by height "432"

 "560" by height "315"

 "560" by height "315"

 "768" by height "432"



Add Your Comment

  • Click the Image Button

  • Click Upload

  • Click the image, save, and click add comment

Pulitzer-winner Kendrick Lamar

This image is 1200 x 675.png

This is too large!

Change the dimension to 100% x 100%.

It fits. But the ratio is different from the two images below.

Click Image

Same image below

Dimensions change to 100% x 100%

320 x 320 jpg



Note: Left Alignment on Pictures and Videos

Using the Text Edit on your computer
    1.    Copy and paste the article, document into your text edit
    2.    This will allow you to clean the page and easily remove all unwanted material
    3.    Change fonts and text sizes as needed
    4.    Copy the clean document into the BlogNews space to complete the editing
    5.    Remember the width of the pictures should not be more than 770px
    6.    Double click on the pictures to resize them
    7.    The width should not be more than 770px

Adding Blogs

1. Create a folder on you computer example, John’s Blogs

  • Save each Blog on a separate document like a Microsoft Word Doc, in the folder. Name the document

2. Photos are very useful and effective

  • Photos can be as wide as 770 pixels

  • Include a header or a sentence above the picture

  • If your Blog is a document that has been copied from a news paper and it contains a photograph save the photograph separately and name it. When naming include the date to help with your management

 3. When uploading to the site go to Blogs and Add Entry

  • Assign Your Blog to a Category: Select One

  • Basics, Continent, or Sight & Sound

  • Several categories will open up

  • Enter Your Blog's Title:

  • Enter tags

  • Options: Click on desired options

  • Paste or type your blog into the workspace

  • Words only no photo

  • The default word size and font is perfectly fine as is

  • Place pointer/cursor to area you want the photo

  • Use the image icon to upload photo

  • Always include reference/source for material

  • Add website  information at the end

  • When completed click Continue

  • Edit, Publish or Save as Draft

  • Share with friends and family

  • Return to edit as desired



  • The objective of forums is to have a  wider discussion

  • The idea is to have it conducted like a classroom for focussed education

  • The moderators will be people that are very familiar with the subject matter


  • From the Link Page.

  • Toward the Right

  • Enter your page(Your Home/Personal space)

  • By clicking Profile

  • My Feed will take you to your page (Your Home) also

  • My Feed informs you of the activites of your friends

  • Inbox is for your email

  • You can email other members privately

  • Options helps you change personal settings like your email address connected to this website

  • Invite is a quick way to invite friends, family members, or other people

  • Profile Apps give you acces to widgets for your page

  • Profile Designer helps you design your page and change colors



  • From your profile page you can create a group

  • Manage the group or have shared responsibility

  • Easily have discussions

  • Easily plan events using the Events Calendar

  • Plan small or large events

  • Three options are available for events planning

  • Announcements, Events with RSVP, and Events with Pay Options

  • Easy to archive your memories with pictures and videos

  • For annual events simply change the date for next (event) year

  • Easy to find the venue

  • Built in mapping to get you to your venue and back home


How about that Family Reunion?


The team recommends the 3 year plan

0.37 cents per day per person


1. Create a family group

  • Invite family members to manage the group

  • Have discussions

  • Plan events

  • Important! Go as wide as possible. Be inclusive . Include all the family connections. All branches of the tree

  • Mother side. Father side. Half sister. Half brother. Go for a village concept the first time around!

2. The steering, planning committee

  • Recommend 5-8 subcommittees

  • The family story committee

  • Seniors committee

  • Generation 40 committee

  • Young People committee

  • Teenagers committee

  • Kids committee

  • The budget committee

3. A three year plan

  • Funds going into an account annually

  • Cover all expenses aside from travel

  • Venue

  • Food

  • Activities

  • Entertainment

  • Hotel

  • Transportation

  • All the necessities should be covered in the budget

4. Example a $20,000 budget

  • Year one = $7,000

  • Year two = $7,000

  • Year three = $6,000

  • Total = $20,000

  • Total divided into 50 family members = $400

  • $400 per person divided by 3 years (1095 days) = 0.37 cents per day per person

  • After all costs are covered what remains from the total could assist members with the cost of travel

  • Do it for the young people they will build upon your foundation and create a strong family network!


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